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Call of Duty: Black Ops II – Single Player and Multiplayer for Everyone

Black Ops 2 Versus Mode

In Versus Mode, there are many different gameplay modes you can choose from including Team Deathmatch, Demolition, CTF, and etc. You will earn XP, objective completions, assists and support asissts when you fight with other game players in the war. You will be able to gain access to decals, and attachments when you use the weapon to kill the enemies. When you apply the decals, your weapon will have a different appearance such as camos, and colors. You can also add different types of attachments onto the weapon to improve it. When you level up, you will have more varieties of weapons and items to choose from. You can use the Unlock Tokens feature when you level up. With the Unlock Tokens, you can unlock all kinds of stuff and gain access to scorestreaks. Scorestreaks can help the player to obtain various types of supports such as UAVs, Stealth Choppers, and A-10 Warthogs. You can choose to use up to 3 supports. In order to gain access to more powerful scorestreaks, you need to accumultae more points.

You can create emblems with unique designs and undertake challenges to unlock decals. This feature has led some players to come up with very ineresting design. The calling cards can be unlocked completing different missions that involve collecting and unlocking.

In the versus mode, your screen can get stuck sometimes depending on which host you choose. There are narrow and wide corridors in the maps. For this reason, many players have created different strategies and custom game setup.


In conclusion, I enjoy the single player and multiplayer modes as each mode offers its own advantages. It is an exciting game to play although the screen can freeze at times. The Strike Force mode is a great real time strategy game in the Call of Duty series. Every fan of Call of Duty Black Ops 2 should buy this game from the store.My brother is like playing call of duty black ops 2 game with hack tool, you can do it also by downloading from this link .